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Global Delivery

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About us

FastPace is a leading Nigerian logistic company with a global reach of reliability and efficiency. We began in 2019, and has since inception demonstrated a track record of providing efficient delivery services.

We believe in excellence and constantly aims to secure the need of the consumer and provide worldwide delivery services that is reliable and efficient.

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FastPace Force

Become a FastPace Sales Force and earn commission selling our solutions and investment packages. Our Sale Force consultants acquire new skills and develop their self-confidence.



We create and maintain compliant safety measures in delivering our services on and off the job.


We are availabale 247 to Collaborate and Cooperate with you for collective decision making.


Regardless of the situation or condition of service, our premium is placed on servicing you best.


With honesty and be consistency, we maintain a high moral value unshaken in delivery.


Our spontaneous response to achieving a lasting solution is an integral part of who we are.


Our clients trust us to deliver timely. Why won't you?

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